Housing Associations

Housing associations/registered social landlords are: 

  • “not for profit” organisations
  • registered with the Housing Corporation
  • providers of a wide range of accommodation which is mainly for rent
  • provide housing-related support services for people in need

How secure will my tenancy be?

Most associations offer an Assured Tenancy, which gives you long term security and more protection than if you rent privately. You will usually have the right to pass on your tenancy to your partner, exchange your home with another tenant and may even be able to buy your property.  

Who can apply?

Anybody can apply to a housing association, but they all have rules about who they can accept onto their register. Most associations will not rehouse someone under the age of 18 unless they can show they have support in place to help them manage their tenancy. You may also be rejected if you have rent arrears from a previous tenancy or mortgage arrears. Each association has different criteria for rejection and you will need to contact them individually.    

Where do they have accommodation?  

The following housing associations have housing in Burnley. For further information, you can contact them directly.