Pay a fine for an environmental offence

If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) through the POST

Please follow the instructions on your FPN. Otherwise these are the ways you can pay:

Other payment options

  • Call our Contact Centre on 01282 425011.
  • In person at the Contact Centre (Parker Lane, Burnley). 

If you received aFixed Penalty Notice in PERSON by a Local Authority Support Officer

Other ways to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice issued by a Local Authority Support Officer

  • By phone using a credit or debit card – 0333 313 1222.
  • In cash at any Pay Point outlet. You will need to present the FPN at the time of payment as this contains a unique barcode.

What if I don’t pay?

If you decide not to pay the FPN, the Council will start legal proceedings to prosecute you for this matter. The current maximum fine in the Magistrates’ Court is £1,000 if you are found guilty of such an offence.

What if I have a problem or don’t feel I’ve been treated fairly?

If you have problems making a payment you must contact Local Authority Support directly on 0333 313 1222. DO NOT the Council.

All enquiries, complaints or requests to review the issue of an FPN need to be directed by email to or by phone on 0800 781 6229. Please DO NOT call the Council switchboard or any other Council number as they won’t be able to help you.

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