Rainwater around your property

Eaves gutters and rainwater down pipes are the responsibility of the property owner.

Private Drains

Is a pipe serving one property.  Where the drain lies within the boundary of the property it is the responsibility of the owner.  Where the drain lies outside the boundary it is the responsibility of United Utilities.

Public Sewers

United Utilities maintains public sewers.

Highway Drains and Gullies

These drain surface water from the highway.  Where the highway is publicly maintainable the drainage is the responsibility of the highway authority, Lancashire County Council.

What should I do if I have a blocked drain?

If the drain is blocked on your own property, you should contact your household insurer or a private drain clearing contractor. If the drain is blocked outside of your property or you believe the public sewer is blocked contact United Utilities on 0345 672 3723.

What can the Council do if drains are not properly maintained?

The Council has various powers to enforce the repair or clearing of private drainage systems.  Failure to carry out the required works can result in the Council arranging the work and recharging the property owners.

What if my property is not connected to a public sewer?

The drainage for the property is wholly privately maintainable by the owner or owners where the system is shared with other properties.  Such a system can include any pipe, septic tank or cesspool.