Dogs and problem dogs

The Council’s Dog Warden enforces various laws regarding dogs, stray dogs, dangerous dogs and dog fouling to improve the environment and tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Dog Warden will:

  • Aim to respond to all reports of found dogs requiring collection on the same working day if received before 4:15pm.
  • Respond to sightings of roaming dogs on any public land, where they are being a nuisance to the public, or presenting a danger in traffic.
  • Collect all found dogs and keep them for a maximum of seven days so they can be reclaimed by their owner (subject to payment of a fee).
  • Work with local re-homing charities to ‘place’ unclaimed dogs. We have an excellent record of successful home placements.
  • Promote responsible dog ownership through talks with Primary School children and other groups
  • Enforce dog-related legislation.

Reporting other Dog Issues

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