Victim support

Victims/witnesses often need additional support as a result of anti-social behaviour (ASB), crime or any other situation which causes a person to feel vulnerable.  This page aims to provide information about how this support is provided which allows a victim/witness to remain involved and engaged in the process.  Witness intimidation is a crime and witnesses should be made aware of this.  Burnley Council’s Streetscene Unit takes a harm-based approach to tackling ASB.

Definition of Vulnerability

“A person is vulnerable/at risk if as a result of their situation or circumstances they are unable to protect themselves from harm”.

Some people may be less able than most to manage social relationships required for living without issues and disputes within their local neighbourhoods and communities. This may include:

  • People with mental health problems
  • People with drug and alcohol problems
  • Young people leaving care
  • People with learning disabilities.

The Response

When a person who is a victim of ASB on repeat occasions (making contact about the same or similar incidents either on 2 occasions in a 14-day period or 5 occasions in a 180-day period), a risk assessment will be carried out on that person to assess their level of vulnerability and their own perceptions of how the incidents are effecting them.

All repeat victims will be offered multi agency support no matter what level of vulnerability the risk assessment shows.

National Victim Support Service 

You may also wish to call the National Victim Support Line: 0845 3030 900 (national number) or 0845 373 2454 (local number).

This service is available as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm 
  • Saturday: 9am to 1pm 
  • Sunday: 3pm to 7pm

The service is free and independent of the police and courts. It is available to everyone, even if the crime has not been reported.