Our Vision and Strategic Plan

The council aspires to make the borough a place of choice. It will be a place where businesses invest, because of its skilled workforce and its competitive, modern economy. It will be a place where people live because of its clean and safe neighbourhoods, its reputation as a centre of educational excellence, and its quality green space

Our Values 

Our core values, developed with our employees, reflect both our current state and our ambition and are also reflected in our behaviour framework of Together, Ambitious, Enterprising and Meeting Customer Needs.

TEAM diagram showing the values of Together, Ambitious, Enterprising and Meeting Customer Needs

Strategic Plan 

The Strategic Plan describes how the council will make the vision for the borough a reality.

You can read or download the full strategy in full at the bottom of this page. In summary, there are four strands to the strategy:

Places:  Making the borough a place of choice 

Making the whole Borough clean, green, and safe is a priority and a key expectation of the residents of the Borough. This will help foster community pride, which in turn helps make investment in new housing and other infrastructure projects sustainable over the long-term.  A clean, green and safe Borough will also attract new private sector investment.

People – Creating opportunities and sustaining ambition 

The council is ambitious for Burnley.  It will lead the delivery of our ambitious Community Strategy alongside its partners.  To ensure that Burnley punches above its weight and gets a fair deal, the Council’s Executive and Management Team will make sure that the business case for Burnley is heard at sub-regional, regional and national decision making levels.

We are regenerating neighbourhoods, and helping to create the conditions that support residents to acquire new skills and lead a healthy lifestyle. We ensure that services to vulnerable groups are protected wherever possible and health standards are improved.

Prosperity – Promoting transformational economic change for Burnley.

In the past, Burnley’s economy was too reliant on mass manufacturing. The borough has therefore suffered in the face of the changing global economy. Diversification protects against this.

Our focus is on developing a diverse business base with an entrepreneurial culture, establishing Burnley as a key retail and service centre in Pennine Lancashire and an attractive, alternative place to live, work and play.  We are working to enhance Burnley’s reputation as a regional manufacturing centre and improve the skills, qualifications and employability of the borough’s workforce. 

Performance – ensuring continuous improvement in all aspects of the council’s performance.

Improving value for money for our tax payers and striving to cut unnecessary costs.  Continually improving our performance through an improvement culture in which all staff feel able to improve the quality of service the council provides and looking for new ways to improve customer experience.

Having senior managers that buy into or lead on key corporate change initiatives, providing direct leadership where transformation in ways of working is required.

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