Passenger Safety, Disability Access and How to make a complaint

Safeguarding and accessibility

All drivers licensed by Burnley Borough Council will have passed a Safer Cabbying test and attended a Safeguarding course before we grant them their licence.

We make sure they are fully vetted, which includes getting a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

All vehicles are tested to make sure they are safe and follow current licensing conditions before we issue a licence.

We carry out checks on drivers all year round too.

Unless exempt, all hackney carriage and private hire vehicles must carry assistance dogs if requested.  There is no extra charge for this.

What to expect from your taxi journey

Vehicles should be well presented, and customers should have a pleasant experience. Only use licensed vehicles.

Each hackney carriage has a calibrated meter which you can see in the cab of the vehicle. There will be a tariff of fares inside each vehicle.

All hackney carriages must be wheelchair accessible. There is no extra charge for carrying wheelchairs.

When making a booking with a private hire company, customers are advised to make the operator aware of any special requirements such as a wheelchair accessible vehicle; accompanied by an assistance dog; large amount of luggage; swivel seats required; child car seats etc.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act 2022 helps ensure disabled passengers aren’t discriminated against when using a hackney carraige or private hire vehicle.

You can search our register to locate a Private Hire Vehicle with wheelchair access.

We have Hackney Carriages (Black Cabs) which have disabled /wheelchair access. Drivers tend to be self employed however some can take bookings from certain companies. Please see the internet for which companies offer this service. The main Hackney Carriage rank is on Croft Street, next to the bus station and they can be hailed any where in town.

Your rights as a passenger

As a disabled passenger, you have various rights under the Equality Act 2010. These include:

  • Carriage whilst in your wheelchair
  • Drivers must not charge you extra fare for a journey.
  • Carriage of your wheelchair, should you choose to sit in a passenger seat.
  • Drivers must take steps to ensure that they carry you in safe and reasonable comfort.
  • Drivers must provide reasonable levels of mobility-assistance for you.
  • Drivers cannot refuse hires from wheelchair users.
  • Drivers must accept the carriage of assistance dogs without any extra charge.

For more information, visit the Transport support services for disabled people page.

Tips to keep yourself safe

There are some steps you can take to keep safe when using a taxi:

  • Always use a licensed Hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.
  • Cars cruising the streets looking for customers are illegal, uninsured and possibly dangerous.
  • Always agree the fare when you book, this will stop any arguments later.
  • Private Hire vehicles licensed by Burnley Borough Council have a white and green licence plate on the rear of the vehicle with the vehicle licence number. They also have a sticker on the door showing which company they are from, along with a door signage with their licence plate number on it.
  • A number of Operators have a licence in neighbouring districts which means that you may not always be picked up by a taxi licensed by Burnley. Having a Operators licence in multiple authorities allows companies to send a taxi which is closest to you.
  • Private hire vehicles cannot be hailed in the street. They must be booked through the operator by using their app or calling them.
  • Don’t get into a private hire vehicle unless you know it is the one you have booked.
  • If you have pre-booked a journey, on approaching the vehicle don’t tell the driver your name, instead ask the driver what name is on the booking.
  • Ask to see the driver’s badge. 
  • Check that the driver’s badge and vehicle details match those provided when booked through the operator.
  • Check the door handles and windows are working correctly.
  • Always sit in the back, behind the driver.
  • Track the route. Let the driver know that you are doing so.
  • Hackney carriages can be hailed in the street.
  • Only London-style or cabs can be licensed as a Hackney carriage in Burnley. They have a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle with signage on the door with the plate number displayed. See images below.
  • Make a note of the vehicle licence (plate) number.
  • If travelling in a Hackney Carriage does the intercom system work correctly?
  • Do not give away any personal details to the driver.
  • Inform your friends / family of your journeys progress by phone or text and enable GPS tracking on your phone – always make sure your mobile phone is charged.
  • Never admit that you are travelling or live alone.
  • Wheelchair users always ensure that your wheelchair is properly secured.
  • Hackney carriages must always set their meter.

How to give feedback / Make a complaint

We take public safety very seriously so if you would like to tell us about your journey, both compliments and complaints, you can email us at

It will help if you can tell us:

  • the driver’s name and badge number
  • the vehicle plate number and/or vehicle registration number
  • the time and date of your journey – where the pick up and drop off places were
  • take a screenshot of the booking from your mobile phone

Please note that Operators dispatch the nearest available taxi. This may mean that the car you ride in may be licensed to a neighbouring authority. We work closely with our neighbouring councils and will pass on your complaint to the relevant authority for investigation. We will always advise you, if this is the case.