Food premises registration

What is registration?

All premises that handle, store, process or sell food must be registered with the Council. This includes market stalls, wet sale pubs, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures.

Registration allows the Council to keep an up-to-date list of all food premises in their area. Details of the food business will be placed on a register which is made available for the public to view.

Who needs to register?

Every food business must be registered (or in some cases approved) by the Council where it operates. Mobile food businesses must register with the Council for the area where the vehicle is normally kept.

Any changes to your business?

It is very important that the Council has up-to-date information on food businesses in its area. You must therefore notify us of any significant change in your business activities and also if the food business stops operating.

No charges

Registration of a food premises is free and cannot be refused. Simply complete the online application.


Certain food business activities require ‘approval’. This means that additional structural or hygiene standards and other specific requirements have to be met before approval can be granted.