How and what we buy

What do we buy?

Below are examples of some of the things we purchase to support delivery of public services in Burnley.


Construction, materials, demolition, boarding up, development partners.


Stationery, paper, cleaning products, operational equipment, machinery, printer cartridges, fuel, vehicles, catering, office furniture, protective clothing.


Waste & Recycling collection, agency and temporary staff, printing, consultancy advice, insurance.

How do we buy?

Value ThresholdSummary purchasing method
Less than £1000Order placed via e-purchasing system, generally for contracted goods and services.
Above £1000 and below £20,000Market testing, appropriate to the contract. Advertised through The Chest/ Contracts Finder and/ or trade journals as appropriate.
Above 20,000 and below £100,0003 competitive quotes required. Advertisement through The Chest and/ Contracts finder and trade journals as appropriate. 
Above:£100,000Council Executive authority is required to accept Tenders. Tenders are invited; and advertised through The Chest/ Contracts Finder/ Find a Tender and trade journals as appropriate.
Above: £189,330 (Goods and Services) Council Executive authority to accept Tenders and compliance with Public Procurement Regulations 2015 required. Tenders invited, advertised through The Chest/ Contracts Finder/ Find a Tender and/ or trade journals as appropriate. 
Above: £4,733,252 (Works)As Above.