Payment dates

Housing benefit is usually paid 4 weeks in arrears, the scheduled payment dates for 2022 are:


05-JAN-202213-DEC-2021 – 09-JAN-2022
02-FEB-202210-JAN-2022 – 06-FEB-2022
02-MAR-202207-FEB-2022 – 06-MAR-2022
30-MAR-202207-MAR-2022 – 03-APR-2022
27-APR-202204-APR-2022 – 01-MAY-2022
25-MAY-202202-MAY-2022 – 29-MAY-2022
22-JUN-202230-MAY-2022 – 26-JUN-2022
20-JUL-202227-JUN-2022 – 24-JUL-2022
17-AUG-202225-JUL-2022 – 21-AUG-2022
14-SEP-202222-AUG-2022 – 18-SEP-2022
12-OCT-202219-SEP-2022 – 16-OCT-2022
09-NOV-202217-OCT-2022 – 13-NOV-2022
07-DEC-202214-NOV-2022 – 11-DEC-2022

In addition to the above scheduled payments, weekly payments are made where new claims or changes in circumstances result in underpayments for past periods.

All payments are made by BACS and will be paid to your bank account 2 days after the payment date.