Housing benefit- information for landlords and agents

How does my tenant claim housing benefit?

A tenant must complete a claim form and either post the form to us or preferably visit Contact Burnley on Parker Lane in the town centre. We operate a fast track service for new claims Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4pm (Wednesday from 10am). A tenant can also claim at Jobcentre Plus or with the Pensions Service.

What information do you need to work out housing benefit?

We usually need from both a tenant and partner

  • evidence of income and capital
  • proof of identity and national insurance numbers
  • proof of rent

What proof of rent do you need?

We need proof of the rent your tenant has to pay. This is usually a tenancy agreement, but could also be a rent book or a letter from you.

The proof must include:

  • the full address of the property they are renting
  • your full name and address
  • the full name and address of any agent
  • the full names of all the tenants who live in the property
  • the start date of the tenancy
  • the amount of rent you charge
  • how often they pay rent ( for example, every week, every four weeks, or every month)
  • what is included in the rent (for example meals, gas, electricity, water charges and the amount charged for these services)
  • the date they signed their tenancy agreement
  • how long their tenancy will last
  • your signature
  • the tenant’s signature

It is also useful if you give us details of any rent the tenant owes you.

What information will you give me about my tenant’s housing benefit?

If we pay housing benefit to your tenant, we cannot give you any information about their claim, unless they have given us permission in writing to discuss their claim with you. We cannot even tell you if they have made a claim.

If we pay their housing benefit to you we can tell you:

  • the date the benefit will start and end
  • the amount of benefit they get every week and how often we pay it

If we pay your tenant’s benefit direct to your agent, we cannot give you any information without written permission from the tenant. You will have to ask your tenant or agent for any information you need.