Voter ID figures for Burnley borough elections

Published on Mon May 22 2023
Black ballot box with a hand putting a ballot paper into the slit in the top of the box

Data released by Burnley Council shows the number of people who brought ID to the polling station for local elections on 4th May.

The data shows that 99.5% of electors voting in the borough’s polling stations brought photo ID that met newly introduced voter ID requirements.

Collated figures across the borough show 11,590 electors voted at the 52 polling stations.

At the end of polling day, 58 electors who tried to vote in a polling station were not given a ballot paper because they did not meet the new voter ID requirements – 0.5%. If postal votes are also considered, giving the total number of ballot papers issued, the figure drops to 0.3%

The figures also show while 172 electors were initially turned away, 114 returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote. This means 66.3% of those initially turned away returned and were issued with a ballot paper.

A total of 19,361 ballot papers were issued (including postal votes) and the overall turnout was 29.4%. The total electorate is 65,862.

Returning officer Mick Cartledge said: “We supported the work of the Electoral Commission to get the message out about the need to bring photo ID with you to the polling station.

“We used the internet and social media, online and print advertising in the local newspaper, emails, put posters and banners up on key routes across the borough as well as at every polling station, sent out reminders with every council tax bill, and worked with community partners to get the message out as widely as we could.”

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