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How to make an application

Apply online

Burnley Borough Council work in partnership with the Planning Portal to deliver online planning services.  We recommend you submit your planning application to us electronically by clicking on the link below to the national Planning Portal and registering as a user.

The benefits of applying on-line include:

  • you do not need to copy the forms and plans - just attach one copy;
  • you can easily access on-line advice
  • you can pay the application fee on-line;
  • you will save time, money and paper
  • we will receive the application faster and begin to check it earlier.

In order to help you submit the correct information with your application, click here to view our validation checklists. The checklists are designed to help applicants to identify information required to be submitted in support of a planning application. Without this information, an application may be invalid which can lead to delays in dealing with it.

Planning application fees

The current fee schedule can be found under the downloads section on the right.

If you are unsure about the fee for an application, please contact Housing and Development Control or use the fee calculator at the Planning Portal.


The following 1 new Statutory Instrument (SI) came into force on 17/01/2018:

·         January 2018: SI 2017 No. 1314 - The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (SEE DOWNLOADS).

·         The "Explanatory Memorandum" (SEE DOWNLOADS) to the above SI includes the following information:

In line with these new government regulations, Burnley Borough Council introduced a 20% increase in planning fees from the 17th of January 2018. 

They also include a fee to be charged for an application for permission in principle, of £402 per 0.1 of a hectare of the site area. Permission in principle is a new planning consent route designed to separate decision making on ‘in principle’ issues addressing land use, location, and amount of development from matters of technical detail, such as what the buildings will look like.

The regulations also introduce a fee of £96 to be charged by a local planning authority for an application for their prior approval of certain matters before particular classes of permitted development can proceed."

The above "particular classes" of the GPDO (i.e. for which a fee of £96 is introduced for an application for prior approval) are as follows:

- Part 4 Class CA (i.e. the provision of a temporary "state-funded school" on "vacant commercial land").

- Part 4 Class E (i.e. the temporary use of land or buildings for the purposes of "commercial film-making").

- Part 7 Class C (i.e. the erection of a "collection facility" within the curtilage of a shop).

- Part 14 Class J (i.e. the installation of solar panels on a non-domestic building).


Fees for large house extensions

The Government has introduced a £96 fee for the prior approval application required for larger house extensions under 'Schedule 2; Part 1; Class A' of General Permitted Development.

The £96 fee will apply to applications submitted from 19 August 2019 onwards.

Ownership Certificates

Ownership certificates are included in the national standard '1APP' forms; types  to accompany a planning application are:

Please note, the Agricultural Holdings Certificate is required whether or not the site includes an agricultural holding, unless the application is for reserved matters, renewal of temporary planning permission, discharge or variation of conditions, tree preservation orders, or express consent to display an advertisement.

If you are unsure which certificate to complete, Click here for a guide

Personal data and planning applications

Please note that with the exception of the applicant contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses), all the information you provide on the application form and in any accompanying documents may be published on the website of the local authority dealing with your application.

To avoid the publication of personal details, do not include them, or any other information which falls within the definition of personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998, in documents supporting your application.

If you require any further clarification, please contact the planning department by clicking here.

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