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Development Control

The  development control team  deals with all applications for planning permission.

The team also handles appeals about planning permission, listed building and advertisement consents, and works on tree protection issues.

The team is here to help you if you are making an application - and also to help you have your say about planning applications.

It advises developers and householders, gives pre-application advice - and investigates possible breaches of planning advises developers and householders, gives pre-application advice, and investigates possible breaches of planning control.

To get more information on planning issues, and how we can help you, click on the headings below, or the links 'in this section' on the right.

Calls and contact with Development Control

New procedures for handling calls from the public

With effect from 20th July 2020

Planning Support staff will be available to receive phone calls during the following times:

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 12noon

The contact number is:  01282 425011

Please note that calls will not be received outside of the above times.

Due to the limited number of calls we can take we request that you contact us by email at: and only by phone if you are unable to do so.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Do I need planning permission for the work I want to do?

Click here for help and advice on whether planning permission is required, or Listed Building Advertisement or other consents are needed.

How to make an application

Find out about applying online, downloading forms, paying fees and how to make sure your application is complete.

What happens after we receive your application?

Find out how your application is registered and processed, how we consult on your application, what comments can be taken into account, and how the decision will be made.

Do I need to check things out with building control?

Remember that even if planning permission is not required for the work you want to do, you may still need to apply for approval under the building regulations. Find out more here.

Application search facility (takes you to our dedicated planning applications site- 'Public Access')

If you have heard about a planning application and want to know more, search our online planning register for applications, appeals and decisions. You can also view the weekly list and monthly list of decisions. Register on the site to make comments on applications or to sign up for regular alerts about applications in your area.
You can now also view basic information on historic planning applications made between 1974 and 1999 by visiting Historic Planning Records - by map search.
Click here for guidance on the appeals process, or go to our register to search for planning appeals. Submit your appeal online to the Planning Inspectorate, or download appeal forms.

Planning enforcement

Click here to Report suspected breaches of planning control online and view guidance on the Enforcement process, and to report suspected breaches of planning control. You can do this online: simply click. Search the Enforcement register for action taken.

Planning Applications - Data Protection And Security

Planning applications are published lawfully as a public register for consultation, in accordance with planning legislation.  This information is held manually and electronically.  Burnley Borough Council has taken into consideration advice provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in deciding what information relating to planning applications is published on this web-site.

Fair Obtaining Notice

The Data Protection legislation gives rights to you about how your personal data is obtained and used by Burnley Borough Council (the 'data controller').  When commenting on planning applications or submitting a planning application, the information you provide will be used to process the planning application and any subsequent appeal (should one be lodged).  This means that your letters/comments will be available to be viewed by anyone via our website or at our offices.  The information you provide will not be made available on this web-site for any longer than is necessary.  For more information on this please click here.

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