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Registering a death

A death must be registered in the Registration District in which it occurred.

You can register a death that took place anywhere in the areas covered by Lancashire County Council by going to any of its registration offices. All Lancashire County Council registration offices work on an appointment basis. You can get an appointment by telephoning the office of your choice.

Go to their website for more information.

Tell Us Once

"Tell us once" is run by Department of Works and Pensions on behalf of the Government. We offer the 'Tell us Once' service at Burnley Council.

It means that people should only have to "tell us once" about a death or birth for example once it has been registered.

We will then pass the information onto all Government Departments and Agencies that need to know, rather than resubmitting the information to a number of different agencies.

Who we can notify?

We will contact the following organisations on your behalf, if needed;

Local Councils

Housing Benefit Office, Council Tax Benefit Office, Council Tax, Libraries, Electoral services, Blue Badges etc

Department for Work and Pensions

Pension, Disability and Carers Service, Jobcentre Plus, Overseas Health Team

HM Revenue & Customs

Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit & Working Tax Credit, Personal Taxation, Identity and Passport Service, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Ministry of Defence, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, War Pensions Scheme

This list is subject to change and the most updated list is held on the Directgov bereavement website 

Information you will need to use the service

When you use the service, please bring the following information with you - if it is available - about the person who has died.

  • Their National Insurance number and date of birth
  • Details of any benefits or services they were receiving
  • Their death certificate
  • Their Driving Licence or Driving Licence number
  • Their Passport or Passport number and town/country of birth

Next of Kin

If you are the next of kin (closest relative by blood or marriage to the deceased), your entitlement to benefits may change, so please have your own National Insurance number and/or date of birth with you when you contact us.
If you are not the next of kin, or the person who is dealing with the deceased’s estate (the person sorting out their property, belongings and money), you can still use the service as long as you have the permission from these people to act on their behalf and to provide information about them.

How we will treat the information you give us

The information you give will be treated securely and confidentially. The organisations who are contacted will use the information to update records; to end services, benefits and credits as appropriate; and to resolve any outstanding issues. They may use this information in other ways, but only as the law allows.

For further information download the Tell Us Once leaflet

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