Padiham Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

This Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan relate to the Padiham Conservation Area within the Borough of Burnley, and will be used to guide planning and investment decisions in the area.

The Padiham Conservation Area includes the historic core of the Town, around Church Street, Burnley Road and adjoining streets.

Conservation Area Appraisal

Burnley Council has undertaken a detailed survey of Padiham Conservation Area which has been drafted into a document called a Conservation Area Appraisal. This document is the first published character appraisal of the Conservation Area which was designated  in 1975.

The Conservation Area Appraisal outlines the special architectural and historic interest of Padiham Conservation Area and describes the area’s special character and appearance in detail so that whatever involvement you have, whether as resident, developer or decision-maker, the information is available to help manage proposed changes in a way that will not harm the special qualities of the area. The document will also have an important role in helping to raise the profile of the Borough’s heritage and it is hoped that the appraisal will also be of interest for reference and educational use.

The draft appraisal was made available for public comment, amended as appropriate and published in June 2020.

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Conservation Area Management Plan 

The Padiham Conservation Area Management Plan, which was adopted by the Council’s Executive on the 6th June 2017, provides a framework of proactive actions for preserving and enhancing the character and appearance of Padiham Conservation Area for the period 2017 to 2027 and will be subject to regular monitoring and review to ensure that priorities remain relevant, to assess progress and to make any amendments necessary to reflect changes in circumstances

The purpose of the Management Plan is to advise on how best to actively manage the Padiham Conservation Area and develop proposals to deal with the issues threatening the special character and appearance of the area, with the main objective of positively managing future change.  The successful implementation of the management actions will depend on the co-operation and enthusiasm of other organisations and stakeholders including property owners and the local community. To be effective the plan must be actively supported by all, with stakeholders working together to strengthen and promote the area’s built and natural heritage. 

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