Harle Syke Conservation Area Appraisal

Harle Syke Conservation Area Appraisal 

Burnley Council has undertaken a detailed survey of Harle Syke Conservation Area which has been drafted into a document called a Conservation Area Appraisal. This document is the first published character appraisal of the Harle Syke Conservation Area which was designated a Conservation Area in 1977.

The Conservation Area Appraisal outlines the special architectural and historic interest of Hale Syke Conservation Area and describes the area’s special character and appearance in detail so that whatever involvement you have, whether as resident, developer or decision-maker, the information is available to help manage proposed changes in a way that will not harm the special qualities of the area. The document will also have an important role in helping to raise the profile of the Borough’s heritage and it is hoped that the appraisal will also be of interest for reference and educational use.

The draft appraisal was made available for public comment, amended as appropriate and published in April 2018.

The Conservation Area Appraisal and Consultation Report can be downloaded below.