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Job Description

Purpose of the post

The Chief Executive is the Head of Paid Service and is required to fulfil the statutory responsibilities required of this role.  He/she provides the vision and strategic direction for the Council’s activities within the context set by the Council’s vision and values and is responsible for the overall management of corporate governance, the business of the Council and for working in partnership with business, government and the voluntary sector. 

The postholder manages the interface between elected members and employees, supporting the democratic processes and is the Council’s principal advisor on strategic policy options and professional matters. 

He/she is a strong, inspirational and effective leader, creating positive public and private sector partnerships, engendering a total business environment to support Burnley’s economic growth strategy.  He/she leads and manages the corporate direction of the Council’s management team and its employees to effect continued organisational transformation.

The Chief Executive is responsible for securing and aligning the Council’s resources to ensure the organisation’s sustainability.


Chief Executive

Post No.



JNC for Chief Executive Officers




  • The Council
  • Leader of the Council


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Strategic Head of Economy & Growth
  • Head of Policy & Engagement

View Burnley Council’s management structure.


  • Leader of the Council, Mayor, Executive, Group Leaders, all Elected Members, Corporate Management Team and Middle Leader Group
  • Member of Parliament
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Burnley Bondholders


Burnley Town Hall

Specific Responsibilities 

Political Interface and Governance

  • Principal policy advisor to the Council
  • Builds positive and productive relationships with the Council Leader, the Executive and Councillors helping them to translate policy into action
  • Ensures there are clear decision making structures, processes and procedures that enables the Council to enforce strong governance and high ethical standards
  • Directs, influences, lobbies, persuades and encourages positive outcomes for Burnley, achieved through partnership and cross-organisational working
  • Promotes and sets the standard for excellent communication throughout the Council, with partners and customers
  • Actively promotes and positively influences outcomes for the authority locally, sub regionally and on the national stage.

Leadership and Management of the Council

  • Leads in a way that motivates and empowers others across all services and levels of the authority, supports the Council’s coaching culture and employee development
  • Responsible for managing corporate risk including health and safety and employee wellbeing
  • Responsible for ensuring that all resources (financial, physical and human) are effectively used for service delivery and aligned to Council priorities
  • Delivers decisions in a fast and changing environment, applying flexible risk taking with balanced decisions
  • Strategic management of the corporate management team and of economic  growth and planning policy
  • Responsible for ensuring performance management structures, systems and management skills are in place to support a performance management culture
  • Promotes and sets the standard for excellent communication throughout the Council, with partners and customers
  • Champions continuous improvement and delivers transformational change

Leading Partnerships / Building a Stronger Burnley

  • Transform and reshape the Council functions by working through effective public and private sector partnerships to ensure sustainable and effective services into the future
  • Lead on engagement with other local authorities, to put in place new structures and governance models which will result in securing a devolution deal for Lancashire
  • Develop effective relationships to ensure that the Council and partners come together to support different communities to build resilience and skills 
  • Lead on economic growth activity for the organisation
  • Work in partnership with businesses, local and national Government, public, private and voluntary sector organisations and the Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver strategic objectives
  • Develop and deliver, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, the Council’s economic and business development strategies and the wider economic priorities.

This post is not subject to Disclosure.

This post is Politically Restricted in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (as amended).

This job description summarise the major responsibilities of the post.  It is not intended to exclude other activities, nor future changes from the post holder’s responsibilities.

Equality Act 2010

If you are a disabled applicant or an employee who has become disabled and this will affect your ability to do any of the above duties, the Council will consider making some changes it thinks are reasonable.  Examples of changes may include providing equipment, making alternations to the workplace to changing some parts of the job Description.

Prepared by: Councillor Afrasiab Anwar

Date: 19 January 2023