Immigration Inspection

When an applicant from abroad comes to live in the United Kingdom, the Immigration Authority will ask a sponsor to provide certain information. This includes evidence that the house where the applicant will stay is suitable accommodation, which means that it is fit to live in and not overcrowded.

Surveying your house

An officer from the Housing and Development Unit will inspect your property to find whether the house is fit for human habitation. All rooms must be surveyed. It is a visual inspection and takes into account such things as the general state of repair, the presence of kitchen and bathroom facilities, heating and ventilation in the house.

The officer will also measure the size of rooms in your house so that an assessment can be made to whether or not the house would become overcrowded if the applicant moved into to the property.

Please note that, if the house is rented, the Officer will ask to see the current gas safety record, which the landlord must provide to the tenant every 12 months. We may also need to see the tenancy agreement.

Once the survey is completed, the sponsor will be asked to sign the inspection form. If the sponsor is not there at the time of the survey, then the sponsor must come to the office to sign the form before the Council can produce a letter to confirm that the house is satisfactory.

If the house is satisfactory

If the house is fit to live in and will not be overcrowded, a letter and a copy of the inspection form will be sent to the sponsor within 2 working days of the inspection.

If the house is not satisfactory

If the house is unfit to live in and/or will be overcrowded, then a letter will be sent to the sponsor that explains the problems within 2 working days of the inspection.

If the sponsor carries out works to make the house fit to live in, the officer will re-inspect after the repairs are completed (no further charge is made for this visit). If the house is found to be fit to live in, then a letter and a copy of the inspection form will be sent to the sponsor within 2 working days of the re-inspection.

How to Arrange an Inspection Survey

To request a survey of your home, you will need to complete and submit an online Entry Clearance Inspection Request Form and make payment for the inspection.

Details required to be completed on the form include: 

  • Address of house to be inspected
  • sponsor’s name
  • applicant(s) name(s)
  • relationship of applicant to sponsor
  • length of stay
  • owner’s name and address.

There is a fee of £85.50 per survey (2024/25), which must be paid upon finalisation of the online application.

To open the online form please click on the following link:

Please note – if you don’t already have a `yourburnley` account you will need to create a new one in order to login.

Once the online form and fee has been paid, you will be contacted, and an appointment will then be made for a Housing Officer to inspect the house. Appointments are available during office hours, Monday to Friday.

If you have any queries about this service, please contact:

Housing and Development Unit 
Tel (01282) 475 883