Household Support Fund

Published on Tue Jun 14 2022

Burnley Council is writing to eligible households about a new household support fund. The money is provided to councils by the Department of Work and Pension (DWP). The DWP has asked councils to support low-income households that cannot increase their income through work, such as pensioners and people with disabilities. 

Councillor Sue Graham, executive member for finance and performance said:  

“Earlier this year, we gave supermarket vouchers to low-income families with children. This time, help is being offered to households of anyone aged over 60 in receipt of council tax support, and households that get a disability band reduction on their council tax.” 

There is no application process so there is no need to contact the council about the fund. Burnley Council will send out letters to all eligible households over a 6-week period starting from 16th June.  

To collect a payment, the letter can be taken, along with a form of identification, to any post office branch. Subject to fund availability, the value will be £90. This is a one-off payment, and only one payment is being made per household. 

Lancashire County Council is using their allocation of household support fund to provide vouchers for low-income households with children during school holidays. Parents and carers should speak to their child’s educational setting to find out more. 

Post expires at 12:29am on Friday September 30th, 2022