Residential Pest Management Service

Covid-19 booking conditions

The Council must ensure the health and safety of all staff and contractors and have implemented some ‘conditions of booking’ so that we can continue to work within properties:

Conditions of booking

Children and pets need to be kept away from the contractor and must be in a different part of the house whilst the contractor is at your property.

All rooms that the contractor will be inspecting must be well ventilated and all windows and doors must be opened at all times

You must ensure that you remain a minimum of 2 metres away from the contractor at all times and do not enter the room that they are working in.

All the above ‘conditions of booking’ must be followed, or the contractor may have to decline a treatment or leave the premises if they feel unsafe. For example if someone is standing over them while they work etc.

If you or a member of your household become symptomatic prior to your appointment, please contact the Council to re-arrange your appointment.


It is a homeowner’s responsibility to deal with any pest management problem within your property.  You can book an appointment with the Council to support you in dealing with this issue, however, you would be expected to carry out any ‘proofing’ work identified by the contractor, to minimise the risk of further infestations. 

Are you a tenant? Do you rent your property? 

It is the responsibility of the landlord/letting agent/owner to ensure that pest management problems within their properties are dealt with.  You can book an appointment with the Council to support you, as a tenant, to deal with any pest management issues. 

Should the contractor identify any ‘proofing’ work that needs to be carried out at your rental property, you would need to notify your landlord/letting agent, to give them the opportunity to complete these works.  Should you experience any difficulties in getting the work completed you can contact the Council, with the details of the proofing work and contact details for your landlord/letting agent/owner and the Council will contact them on your behalf to ensure that the work is completed.  This will only be in relation to any ‘proofing’ work that is identified on the treatment sheet, provided by the Council’s contractor. 

We treat the following 

  • Mice 
  • Rats 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Fleas and Bedbugs: a fee of £60.20 (including VAT) per visit is made for services provided to domestic customers  
  • Common wasp: a fee of £60.20 (including VAT) per visit is made for services provided to domestic customers – wasps start dying off during August/September so they may not require any treatment, we would advise that you leave the nest alone and if it still remains a problem or is situated in a location where it cannot be left alone then please arrange an appointment. 
  • Ants: a fee of £60.20 (including VAT) per visit is made for services provided to domestic customer 

Please note that you should only book an appointment for your own property. You may call on behalf of a friend/relative if you are acting as support/carer for a resident. 

If you consider that the issue relates to a neighbouring property, then you should speak with your neighbour and ask them to contact the Council to arrange their own appointment. 


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