Out of hours noise service

Pennine Night Time Noise Service (PNNS)

Burnley Borough Council along with neighbouring authorities operate a free night time noise service to members of the public who have registered a complaint with the council.

Due to the high numbers of noise complaints that are received, the out of hours service cannot visit non-emergency first time complaints. All such complaints are dealt with under the Council’s noise nuisance procedures. However, long term continuing problems may be visited if the normal procedure has failed to resolve the problem. This will normally involve a referral by the case officer to the PNNS team.

The hours of operation of the PNNS team are: Friday and Saturday evening 8pm to 3am

How the procedure works

Once you have returned your diary sheets to the Environmental Protection Team an officer will contact you and discuss the next stage of the procedure in dealing with your complaint. Depending on the type of nuisance being complained about they may offer to register your complaint with the PNNS. The officer will then write to you and supply the contact details of the PNNS team.

Once you receive your letter you may call the out of hours telephone number to request an officer to visit your property. The officer will then call at your home and witness the alleged nuisance. They will under no circumstances call at the property of the alleged perpetrator and talk to them.

The visiting officer will then produce a report and send it on to the case officer dealing with your complaint.

Depending on the content of the report the case officer will contact you and discuss the next course of action to be taken in your particular case.

Who to contact

Please get in touch with our environmental health team providing them with your contact details and a brief explanation of the issue.