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Burnley Council is further strengthening its tough stance on dog fouling and littering by introducing street patrols.

The council takes a zero tolerance approach to the problems and is already one of the best performing local authorities in the country when it comes to prosecuting fly-tippers.

We have teamed up with a private partner to strengthen our enforcement work further and crackdown even more on environmental crime.

Private company Local Authority Support (LAS) Environmental Enforcement Services will carry out enforcement work on behalf of the council, issuing on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to offenders caught dropping litter and chewing gum, failing to clean up after their dog, and street begging.

LAS staff will carry out patrols and identify “hot spot” areas, issue fines and pursue anyone who fails to pay their Fixed Penalty Notice.

Why are we doing this?

Burnley Council means business when it comes to tackling environmental crime. Our residents are fed up with the selfish minority who spoil our neighbourhoods for everyone.

Time and again people tell us that rubbish and dog fouling are important concerns for them. 

We've taken a tough approach to this kind of anti-social behaviour for years. Most people are proud of their town and want to keep it clean and tidy. However, despite years of trying to work with people to tackle these problems there are still some who persist in dropping litter or not cleaning up after their dog. 

It’s now time to take an even tougher approach.

This is not aimed to be an ‘income generator’ for the council but to act as a deterrent to those who do not act responsibly. If there is a surplus generated the money will go back into addressing fly-tipping and other environmental issues across the borough.

How will it work?

Enforcement officers will be on patrol across the borough. They will be trained to the highest standard and have the support of staff experienced in doing this kind of work.

We will be taking a tough but fair approach to dealing with those who drop litter or gum, or who don’t clean up after their dog.

Staff will identify themselves when dealing with the public.

Council Streetscene officers and park rangers will continue to carry out enforcement work.

What do I do if I receive a Fixed Penalty Notice?

A penalty charge (Fixed Penalty Notice) will be issued to anyone aged 18 or over caught dropping litter (including cigarette butts), chewing gum or failing to pick up dog fouling after their dog.

Details on how to pay will be on the FPN.

Anyone issued with an FPN has 14 days to pay the fine without further court action being taken.

Should payment failed to be made it may be appropriate for a formal prosecution to be taken that could result in a larger financial fine and court conviction. 

Payments are managed by LAS and can be made by the following ways:

Online using credit or debit cards 

Pay Your Fixed Penalty Notice Online Now.

By phone using a credit or debit card – 0333 313 1222

By cash at any Pay Point outlet.  The FPN will need to be presented at the time of payment as this contains a unique barcode

What if I have a problem or don’t feel I’ve been treated fairly?

If you have a problems making a payment you must contact LAS directly on 0333 313 1222 and NOT the council (Streetscene). 

All enquiries, complaints or request to review the issue of an FPN need to be directed by email to or by phone on 01282 477210. Please DO NOT call the council switchboard or any other council number as they won’t be able to help you.

How can I support this work?

Residents are encouraged to report in areas that they feel would benefit from a patrol, or any information that will assist in keeping our borough free from littering and dog fouling. 

Tell us any information regarding dog fouling and flytipping - 

Report Dog Foul Intellignce.

Report Fly-tip Intellignce.

Find out more

Find out more about LAS (part of Kingdom Services group)

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