Voter ID

You must have the right photo ID with you when you vote in elections from now on – find out more, and what to do if you don’t have a photo ID, here

Don’t forget you need photo ID to vote

Published on Thu Feb 16 2023
Black ballot box with a hand putting a ballot paper into the slit in the top of the box

For the first time ever, voters in the borough of Burnley will need photo identification when they go to the polling stations for the local elections on 4th May.

Burnley Council is encouraging everyone who is eligible to vote to make sure they don’t lose that right by checking they have the correct form of ID.

Accepted ID includes a passport, driving licence or some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass. ID can be out of date, as long as you are recognisable from the image.

Anyone who hasn’t got the correct photo ID can apply for a free voter authority certificate online or by completing a paper form which is available from the council’s elections office.

To apply for the certificate, you will need to provide a photograph, your full name, date of birth, the address at which you are registered to vote, and national insurance number.

Alison Stirling, from the council’s elections office, said: “We don’t want people to come to their polling station and be turned away because they don’t have the correct photo ID, and losing their right to vote as a result.

“It’s important that people check now to see if they have the right ID, and apply for a voter authority certificate if not. Just as important is remembering to bring ID with you on 4th May.”

A full list of accepted photo-ID and details of how to apply for a free voter authority certificate is available through the Electoral Commission.

People must be registered to vote before applying for a voter authority certificate or take part in this May’s elections. Register online or you can contact the council’s election office on 01282 477261/263 or email

The deadline for registering to vote is Monday 17th April.

Post expires at 11:00am on Friday May 5th, 2023