D-day anniversary celebrations

Published on Tue Jun 4 2024
Sign with names of the D-Day beaches and national flags of the countries' soldiers that landed there against a blue sky

Members of the public are invited to join the events being planned to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings on Thursday (6th June).

A short memorial service will be held at 11am in the Peace Garden (next to Burnley Central Library). It will be led by Father Roger Parker and will include a sounding of the Last Post, a two-minute silence, the Reveille and the opportunity to lay wreaths at the end of the service.

At 9.15pm a beacon will be lit at the Singing Ringing Tree, off Crown Point Road as part of a national chain of beacons across the country.

There will also be five “Peace Lamps” to reflect the five Normandy beaches Allied soldiers landed on in 1944.

The Mayor of Burnley, Councillor Shah Hussain, will read the national tribute to those who took part in the historic event, and there will be mini-torches for members of the public.

Everyone is welcome to take part in both events to mark this historic milestone.

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