Mayor’s medal for voluntary service

The Mayor of Burnley, Councillor Mark Townsend, would like to hear from you if you know an individual or a voluntary group that deserves recognition for the voluntary work they do throughout the Borough and nominate them for the Mayor’s Medal Award


  • The Mayor is looking for individuals/volunteers who have taken the initiative to create, lead and drive forward their volunteering work and are doing this in a way that is truly distinctive & excellent.
  • The Mayor will look at evidence of the need for the individual/group’s activity, its impact and reputation.
  • A group must be made up of two or more people and must provide a specific benefit in the Borough. This could be a direct benefit, such as supporting individuals and groups or providing facilities and experiences. However, the benefit might also be indirect, for example preserving the local heritage and environment, or encouraging community cohesion.
  • The individual/group may be a branch of, or affiliated to, a larger regional or national organisation. However, the Mayor would expect the individual/group’s volunteers to have initiated and developed a distinctive approach locally
  • The individual/group nomination should not be for any political group or individual/group affiliated with any political party
  • The Mayor’s decision is final, and there is no right of appeal.
  • A person cannot nominate the same person/organisation more than once during the mayoral year.

If you require further advice, please contact the Mayor’s Office. (Tel no: 01282 477121), email: