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Temporary event notices



Temporary Event Notices - guidance


A temporary event notice (TEN) is required if you wish to hold an event, involving less than 500 people, (which includes staff) at which one or more licensable activities will take place that are not authorised by an existing premises licence or club premises certificates.

A TEN is a notification to the licensing authority that an individual intends to carry on licensable activities for a period not exceeding 168 hours or 7 days.

When a TEN is given in accordance with Part 5 of the 2003 Act, a TEN constitutes an authorisation unless withdrawn or cancelled by a counter notice issued by the licensing authority.

Who can give a TEN:

• A TEN can be given by any individual aged 18 or over, but cannot be given by a business or organisation;

• The individual giving the notice is ‘the premises user’;

• An individual who holds a personal licence under the Licensing Act 2003 may give up to 50 TENs in any calendar year, up to 10 of which may be ‘late’ TENs;

• Individuals not holding a valid personal licence are restricted to 5 TENs in any calendar year, up to 2 of which may be late TENs;

• Standard and late TENs, in any combination count towards these overall total limits for TENs;

• A TEN which relates to an event taking place within 2 calendar years counts against the limits for that individual in respect of both calendar years;

• A maximum of 15 TENs can be given in relation to the same premises in any calendar year; (in 2022 & 2023 this is increased to 20) and

• Any premises cannot be used for activities authorised by TENs for more than 21 days in any calendar year; (in 2022 & 2023 this is increased to 26)

The individual giving the TEN must fulfil certain conditions for the TEN to be a valid authorisation:

• The notice has been given on the licensing authority (or licensing authorities where the premises is situated in more than one authority area), with copies to the police and the local authority exercising environmental health functions - This must normally be done no later than 10 clear working days prior to the proposed event although there is provision for a limited number of late TENs to be served up to 5 clear working days, but no earlier than 9 working days, prior to the event.

Download a temporary event notice

Download a temporary events notice (word version)

Download the guidance

Payment methods

Card payments (£21 per TEN or Late TEN) can be made over the phone 01282 425011 and ask for payments – Quote R6161 / 3331 TEN [premises name]

 If you wish to pay by BACS transfer please use the following details. Bank.: HSBC Account: 91206850 Sort Code: 40 15 17 Quote R6161 / 3331 TEN [premises name]


The applicant will have to send the original notice and the fee of £21 to;

The Licensing Unit 
Burnley Borough Council 
1st Floor Parker Lane
BB11 2DT 
Tel. 01282 425011- preferably by email

and 1 copy of the application to;

Environmental Health
Burnley Borough Council 
1st Floor Parker Lane 
BB11 2DT - preferably by email to

and 1 copy to;

Divisional Licensing Team, 
Burnley Police Station, 
Parker Lane, 
BB11 2BT.   email is

The Licensing Section will endorse 1 of the 2 copies of the notice to acknowledge receipt, and return that to the applicant. This copy must be available at the premises when the event takes place.

Display of Notice

The premises user must either prominently display;

  • either the notice itself


  • a notice stating who has possession of the notice

at the premises, during the whole time that the event is taking place.


Event Safety and further advice

The requirements of a temporary event notice do not remove the requirements to ensure that;

  • the owner of the premises has consented to the event
  • the public or other persons attending the event are safe and a risk assessment has been completed
  • all other legislation is being complied with
  • there is public and employers liability to cover the event as required
  • all advice, in particular the Event Safety Guide (Purple Book) recommendations are considered
Below is a list of Agents / Companies who can assist applicants - other providers are available and inclusion in the list below does not mean these are recommended by Burnley Borough Council.  It is for applicants to do their own research to find help and advice that is best suited for their circumstances.

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