Boost Business Lancashire

Boost Business Lancashire gives ambitious businesses simple access to leading-edge business support from experienced public and private sector partners in order to fuel growth.  How can Boost help? 

Boost can help your business in a number of ways:

  • Leadership development Instilling skills and experience in the leaders who will deliver your growth strategy
  • Product and service development Fostering an innovative culture and investing in new product and service ideas to fuel growth
  • Profit improvement Boosting your bottom line to ensure that your business grows sustainably
  • Sales and marketing Designing cohesive sales and marketing programmes for growth-hungry businesses
  • Leadership networking Providing opportunities for you to work with, and learn from, your peers in other businesses
  • Growth mentoring and coaching Benefiting from the experience of individuals who’ve grown their own businesses
  • Change management Developing a change culture so that your business can adapt to change and profit from it
  • Starting a business Helping entrepreneurs to develop and grow start-up businesses

If you’re growth-hungry and need support to help realise your potential, start the growth conversation. Complete the online form or call a Boost adviser on: 0800 488 0057