Alleygating schemes set to continue for another three years

Published on Fri Oct 13 2023
Alleygate with vertical black streel bars across the end of a terraced back street

Burnley Council is set to continue alleygating schemes across the borough for a further three years.

Currently there are 178 alleygating schemes of which 133 are managed through a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). The remainder were brought in under other legislation.

The council is required to renew the order every three years to ensure the gates continue to remain legally in place.

Councillor Lubna Khan, the council’s executive member for health and community services, said: “We will continue to manage alleygating schemes across our borough in an appropriate and effective way that will ensure they work properly for the benefit of residents.

“The fact we have more than 80 applications currently being considered and each year brings new requests shows how popular they are. Used properly, alleygates are an effective way of tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and helping making people feel safer.”

The council is carrying out a borough-wide review of alleyagting schemes to see which are working. In some cases where they aren’t proving effective gates may be moved to other areas that have requested them.

A report recommending the PSPO continues is set to be decided by the executive later this month.

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