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Information for traders

Low Cost Business Premises

Burnley Market offers the most cost effective business premises for rent in Burnley.  Prices start from as low as £10 per week in the Market Hall.

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own business but find start-up costs, rents and rates for most business premises intimidating then Burnley Market allows you to turn a good idea into a very successful business with little initial investment and in a reasonably short time.

Low Rents

As standard, our rents for business premises are some of the lowest in Burnley.

In addition to our competitive levels of rent we have devised a number of price incentives to help budding entrepreneurs establish themselves and cultivate a customer base gradually without the pressure of high rents and rates from day one.

If you are wanting to sell a product not already being offered at Burnley Market then you will be eligible for one of these incentives.

Because these incentives only apply to products not already being sold by another trader, you don't need to worry about a new business coming into the market to sell the same products as you and getting the incentive as they won't be eligible.

Multiple stall discounts are also available and prospective tenants can apply for rent grants of up to £750

No Rates

We can offer stalls that are small enough to qualify for small business rates relief making them free from rates.

No Hidden Costs

The only other cost you will incur is for any electricity you consume.  However, on most stalls you are free to source your own electricity supplier and you only pay for what you use at cost.

Trial Periods

Leases are available for as little as 3 months duration and as long as 12 months.

Trading on the Market Hall is a full-time profession, requiring trading for a minimum of five days per week, Monday to Saturday with an optional Tuesday.

Burnley Market offers a fun and vibrant setting where you can meet many new people and introduce them to your goods and services.

Further Information

For further details or advice please contact the market office


Town centre concession

A limited number of concession pitches are located around the town centre for which a licence may be granted on a fixed term basis. The pitches are generally located on St James's Street near to the entrances to the Charter Walk Shopping Centre.

Single licenses are available to sell one of the following type of goods:

  • Hot food
  • Ice cream                               
  • Teas & coffees
  • Locally made arts & hand craft items

This year, a single concession will be given from June for a limited period to take account of the extensive improvement works currently being undertaken in the town centre.

If you would like to receive information about these pitches or have an informal discussion about trading in Burnley Town Centre please contact:

Town Centre Management, Burnley Borough Council, Parker Lane Offices, Burnley, BB11 1BY


Booking spaces in the town centre for one off events and promotions

Burnley is investing in major improvements to the public open space in the town centre including the existing promotional and events spaces detailed in the documents available to download on the right.
We are keen to animate the town centre with promotions and activities which add to visitors' shoppint experience and are of genuine interest to the general public. Space will be limited until the improvement work is completed and arrangements may be subject to change. We should be able to advise you if your booking is likely to be affected and what alternative arrangements might be available.

The current charges relating to the use of promotional space are also available to download and will need to paid once your booking has been confirmed 

To book one of the promotional spaces in the pedestrianised area of St James's Street or Curzon Street, please complete and return a booking form to:
Town Centre Management, Burnley Borough Council, Parker Lane Offices, Burnley, BB11 1BY

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