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News for residents

Garden waste collections are due to start again in Burnley borough after a winter break.

The collections will restart on 27th February for those already on the brown bin service and will be free until a new, chargeable service comes in from 1st May 2017.

The council is introducing a charge for “green” collections in light of funding and subsidy cuts and ever-decreasing budgets.

A brand new exhibition on the region’s prominent artists is set to open at Towneley Hall next week.

The exhibition features paintings by talented 20th Century Nelson-born artists Orlando Greenwood and Hugh Gresty.

From still lives and self-portraits to classical tableaux, the exhibition showcases the artists’ diverse range of styles, techniques and subjects.

Visitors will also have a chance to see some of the artists’ personal possessions including sketchbooks, palettes and sets of paint brushes.

Burnley Council is sending out a simple message to people who use chewing gum - get into the habit of throwing it away in a proper bin: it could save you £75!

The council is currently running a poster information campaign in Burnley town centre – “Don’t Drop Chewing Gum”.

It comes ahead of the introduction of a stricter enforcement campaign in April that will see officers patrolling the streets issuing £75 Fixed Penalty Notices to those caught dropping litter, including chewing gum, or failing to clean up after their dog.

Information leaflets about changes to Burnley Council’s garden waste collection scheme are being delivered across the borough.

The council is introducing a charge for “green” collections in light of funding and subsidy cuts and ever-decreasing budgets.

“We didn’t take this decision lightly,” said Councillor Lian Pate, the council’s executive member for community services. “However, like many other councils across the country, we can’t continue to offer this non-statutory service without introducing a charge.”

Councillors in Burnley are considering ways to meet the severe financial challenges that lie ahead as they prepare to agree this year’s budget.

Burnley Council is facing making savings of more than £4 million, or 27.5% of the 2017/18 revenue budget, over the next three years as a result of Government funding cuts.

The council’s executive meets on 13th February to discuss several financial reports, outlining the state of the council’s finances and looking ahead, as preparation for setting the 2017/18 budget later this month.

A bold and ambitious vision for Burnley’s future is set out in the updated annual Strategic Plan which will be considered by councilors this month.

The Plan drawn up by the council sets out how it will deliver services over the next three years in the face of massive funding cuts, and the priorities for shaping the future of the borough.

It sits alongside the council’s budget-setting process and its financial plans for the coming years and forms an over-view of it will adapt to the changes ahead.

A draft management plan aimed at helping protect the heritage of Padiham conservation area is set to be agreed by councillors.

The plan sets out the work required to protect and strengthen the Padiham Conservation Area as a site of special architectural and historic interest and make it attractive for residents, workers and visitors.

Burnley Council’s executive is recommended to approve the draft plan when it meets on 13th February. 

Burnley Council is considering changing its policy on Council Tax discounts by introducing a specific discount for certain sorts of renovated properties.

A proposal to offer a 100% discount for up to six months, once renovation work is completed, on formerly uninhabitable empty houses that have been empty for over 12 months, will be decided by the council’s executive.

The aim is to provide an incentive to owners to improve the standard of the properties and bring them back into occupation.

Burnley Council leader Mark Townsend will hold his next “out and about” surgery on Saturday 11th February at Tesco supermarket, Padiham.

Councillor Townsend will be at the council trailer between 10.30am and 12.30pm,

Councillor Townsend said: “I invite anyone to come along and talk through any issues or concerns they have. These Out and About surgeries are an opportunity for people to talk to me face-to-face about things that matter to them and their community.”

There’s no need to make an appointment - just drop by.

Trebor Developments, working in partnership with Burnley Council, has commenced work  at the prestigious Vision Park site, Burnley. 

Barnfield Construction has been selected by Trebor as main contractor and completion of Phase One, which includes starter units from 800 sq.ft. and business workspace up to 10,000 sq. ft., will complete in September 2017.


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